Roller Coaster Dice

Posted by admin on June 15, 2019 in News

While the name of this game includes the term roller coaster, there is actually not much roller coaster action in the game. Instead, only the background of the game shows a theme park and that is where the connection between the action in the game and its name ends. However, it’s fun and easy to play and will attract players looking for something different.

How To Play Roller Coaster Dice

Playtech Technologies is the brain behind this interesting game, which has no symbols, but you will see a dice rolling area and a ladder to the right. You are just required to select your stake, and use your dice rolling abilities and luck to go up the ladder as quickly as possible. As you either increase or decrease your stake, you will see your prize money go up and down, and you can wager between £0.10 to £100 per roll.

Some Insights Into The Game

To play this Playtech game you will need to roll a dice total greater than the previous one. If your get four correct, you are awarded a 4x stake multiplier. Six correct attempts rewards you with a 7x multiplier, 8 with 13x and 10 with 30x. You will get an opportunity to pick the next roll as lower, higher or the same every time you land a correct prediction.

Verdict For The Roller Coaster Dice Game

Roller Coaster Dice game is exciting to play and comes with an above average RTP of 96.97%. It’s a simple game of chance, but great fun and worth giving a try at least once. For high rollers, there is the chance to climb up the ladder and win £3,000 on each roll of the dice!